How to struggle with wreckers of apple-trees

How to struggle with wreckers of apple-trees

Wreckers of apple-trees – yablonny tsvetoyed, yablonny fir seed moth, yablonny sawfly, green yablonny plant louse. They can not only spoil fruits, but also to leave trees absolutely without harvest.

It is required to you

  • Carbophos, chlorofos, lime, arsenic-sour calcium, Bordeaux liquid, laundry soap.


1. Fight against apple tsvetoyed needs to be begun during swelling of kidneys. For this purpose it is necessary to spread cloth under tree and to shake on it insects. Then to destroy them in containers with water. It is necessary to repeat stryakhivaniye several times to air rise of temperature to +10os. Then, as soon as kidneys will begin to be dismissed, apple-trees process 2% solution of chlorofos.

2. Before swelling of kidneys it is necessary to struggle with yablonny fir seed moth. For this purpose it is necessary to clean off the died-off bark from trees and to burn it. After blossoming of apple-tree it is necessary to condition solution from 10 liters waters in which it is necessary to dissolve 30 grams of arsenic-sour calcium and 40 grams of lime.

3. It is possible to get rid of yablonny sawfly having sprayed trees chlorofosy and carbophos before blossoming. It is possible to destroy dolls of insect by means of regular scarification near apple-trees.

4. It is possible to destroy yablonny plant louse spraying trees with the Bordeaux liquid. Vegetiruyushchy escapes need to be processed 1% solution, during blooming of kidneys use 2% solution, the sleeping kidneys spray with 3% liquid.

5. To get rid of plant louse, in the early spring cut out and burn tops of escapes with eggs of the wrecker. Broths of dandelion, yarrow, garlic, wormwood, tobacco help to struggle with yablonny plant louse. It is necessary to process trees these broths several times during the summer. It is necessary to add 40 grams of laundry soap to ready broth.

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