How to switch off radio

How to switch off radio

If you do not use radio receiving station in own apartment, it makes sense to refuse it. However it is simple to throw out the radio receiver insufficiently – in any case if you do not want to pay service which is not necessary to you. Spend a little time and disconnect radio officially.

It is required to you

  • - passport.


1. Learn the address of office of city broadcasting network and hours of its work. You will come into office and report about the desire to refuse radio receiving station in the apartment. Will issue you the receipt on payment of service in shutdown of radio and application form which needs to be filled.

2. Pay the sum specified in the receipt in any bank or post office. It is more preferable to address to Sberbank – there payment will be made without charge of additional percent. With the paid receipt address to Uniform clearing house, ZhKO or HCC. Here you can learn whether debt to broadcasting center is had and in case of need to pay it. Do not forget to receive the reference confirming that all services of broadcasting network you are paid.

3. With the paid receipt, the filled-in application form, the passport and the reference confirming absence of debt come back to office of city radio network. The staff of office will tell you date when the specialist in shutdown comes. The quantity of the available radio receiving stations and their arrangement are unimportant – all works will be conducted outside your apartment. Usually the term of expectation of the master does not exceed two-three weeks.

4. Wait for the repairman who will disconnect radio receiving station and will issue you the notice on the termination of charge of monthly fee. With this document address in EIRC or ZhKO where to you will make recalculation, since the moment of submission by you of the application for shutdown of radio receiving station. Do not forget to keep document back.

5. Next month surely check the receipt on rent. Sometimes, that the treasured line of "radio" does not disappear from the list of services. If it has occurred, address to the HCC or ZhKO – most likely, the mistake will be revealed and corrected.

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