How to take care for grapes on personal plot

How to take care for grapes on personal plot

Grapes it is possible by the right to refer to cultures, most valuable to the person. With the same mass of products it on the caloric content does not concede to milk and exceeds apples and plums. Grapes are rich with acids, mineral and pectinaceous substances. Such useful qualitative fruit will allow to receive the correct care for plant in due time.

It is required to you

  • - scrapers;
  • - sharp knife;
  • - water;
  • - Bordeaux liquid.


1. In the first year of landing of young vineyard support the soil in friable state, constantly clear it of weeds. Examine earth embankments in the spring. There where there is a lot of soil, facilitate growth of escapes, having destroyed by scraper crust on hillock. At the same time be careful and do not damage escapes.

2. On the kornesobstvenny and imparted young vineyards you carry out katarovka (removal of superficial roots). This process well influences development of calcaneal (root) system. You carry out katarovka in the twentieth of June. Make around plant of hole of 13-14 cm in depth. By means of sharp knife remove podvoyny young growth and superficial roots. At the second katarovka which is carried out in the middle of August leave open the place of soldering of stock and scion. It promotes the best accretion and ripening of escapes.

3. At young plants the root system is developed poorly therefore they are very sensitive to insufficient moisture content of the soil. Water vineyard not less than 5 times during the season, depending on intensity of precipitation.

4. Carefully preserve young vineyard against wreckers and diseases. When leaflets reach length of 5-7 cm, for prevention of mushroom diseases spray plant with the Bordeaux liquid (0.5%). You make the subsequent spraying as required 1% solution of the same liquid.

5. Establish by spring of the second year on the put vineyards support. If young bushes are developed well, make prishchipyvaniye of escapes. Thus you will be able to cause development of stepsons and to use them for the early entry into fructification time.

6. Towards the end of summer carry out stamping (strong cutting) of escapes. For this purpose cut off tops of escapes over the 15th leaf from the basis. All nutrients after stamping will go to clusters and roots, and at old plants – in long-term wood, considerably improving ripening of berries and rod.

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