How to take of the meter reading on gas

How to take of the meter reading on gas

In recent years gas meters are installed not only in owner-occupied dwellings, but also to the majority of apartments therefore residents have to take correctly readings of gasometer and make payment of the consumed natural resource according to them.


1. Have you installed the gas meter in the apartment to pay the natural gas which is really consumed by your family? Counters allow not to overpay to gas services, paying for the number of the residents registered in the apartment. The technique how to take of the meter reading on gas, will help to avoid ambiguities and troubles during the visit of various controllers.

2. First, take readings of gasometer monthly, on the first of the day following the previous reporting period. You enter the obtained data in the special book according to which payment for the natural gas consumed by you will be made subsequently.

3. At removal of indications on classical gasometers lower the "floating" three digits following after comma. Write down only the first five digits, specified on the counter. Then report the received indications in gas services of your city which make out bills for the consumed natural gas subsequently.

4. If to you the controller regularly comes to take of the meter reading, let it to device installation site. Verify real indications on your counter with the digits which are written down by the controller in its sheets and also undersign there, having specified own surname.

5. Secondly, besides regular control of the current indicators of the counter of gas, count monthly consumption of gas. Just subtract from the digits located on the device to comma, the indication of the last month. Thereby you receive number of cubic meters of the consumed gas for the expired month.

6. You will need only to increase the number of cubic meters of natural resource by the cost of one unit of account, established according to tariffing for various categories of subscribers.

7. Taking of the meter reading of gas, right after it report indications to gas service by phone or on the answering machine if there is opportunity – that by means of private office on the website.

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