How to take readings from the three-phase counter

How to take readings from the three-phase counter

Three-phase electric counters are intended for accounting of the consumed electric power in three-phase industrial network at voltage of 3Х380 V. Their main function – control and accounting of legal electricity consumption.


1. Define counter type. The modern industry produces various models of three-phase counters by means of which you can measure electric power flow at the same time in several directions and even on several tariffs. Two types of counters – induction and electronic are generally used. Despite use of more advanced technologies in electronic counters, their share in comparison with induction, is rather small. This results from the fact that they were established everywhere to the middle of the 90th years and the term of their action has not expired yet.

2. On established practices can take of the meter reading both the representative of supplier of the electric power, and the owner of the counter. Examine the counter. If on it the three-digit indicator of the electric power is displayed, then it means that the whole revolution of the calculating mechanism corresponds to 1000 kW/hour. For the four-digit counter this indicator will be equal to 10000 kW/hour. At achievement of values on them respectively 999 and 9999 kW/hour of the indication are nullified, and the new report begins. At removal of indications from similar counters, surely consider their features.

3. When determining quantity of the spent electric power it is necessary to use difference in indications for the previous period and the last indications. In other words, subtract the size recorded in the previous time, so from the size of the last indications you receive value of expense for certain period.

4. To transfer the received result to money, increase difference in kilowatt-hours by applicable fare. There can be situation when it is necessary to take readings when replacing counters, for example, from three-digit on four-digit. In similar situation calculate the last indications of the old counter then summarize them, after a while, with indications of already new counter.

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