How to think up the stylistic decision for the apartment

How to think up the stylistic decision for the apartment

There is huge number of the design firms and agencies ready to develop and embody apartment interior in any style. However their services cost quite much. Besides many owners of apartments with much bigger pleasure will embody own ideas, than will accept already ready.

1. The apartment is complete environment, and all its rooms have to be integrally interconnected. Therefore it is better to unite them uniform subject. Someone wants to create smart interiors in classic style, someone prefers quiet and practical stylistics of country, ultramodern space hi-tech is close to someone. In this case the choice can be limited only to the level of development of creative abilities, life experience and financial opportunities.

2. It is possible to try to embody the conceived image of interior not literally, and by means of associative thinking. In other words, it is possible not to aspire to that all its elements bore in themselves lines of the chosen style. For example, impression of the cozy house in style of country will be made by panel boards on walls, wattled rocking-chair, print cloth and curtains in floret. It is ideal if in one of rooms or in kitchen it turns out to establish fireplace. It is also possible to add to interior set of small small pillows with pillowcases in floret, the style decision is ready to place bouquets of wild flowers in simple ceramic vases – and even if at the apartment there is quite modern furniture.

3. Before deciding on the choice of new style, it is worth looking narrowly at objects which already are in the apartment attentively. Often one or two interesting subjects can become starting point for forming of plan. It can be the old watch, painted table or collection of porcelain dolls. Such objects will prompt the idea of interior.

4. If there is desire to create smart interior which children and grandchildren will enjoy subsequently it is possible to realize long and consistently the ideas. In this case it is better to give preference to durable finishing of rooms, convenient and qualitative furniture, expensive elements of decor. It is better for fans of continuous changes to use inexpensive neutral finishing, modern practical furniture and products from textiles which can be changed and combined often, changing the internal image of the room.

5. Developing the stylistic decision of the apartment, it is not necessary to chase mode. It, as we know, constantly changes, and the apartment is equipped seriously and for a long time. Projecting interior of the house, it is necessary to think as little as possible of fashion trends, the most important is warm atmosphere, cosiness and good mood of all family members.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team