How to tie up tomatoes in greenhouses

How to tie up tomatoes in greenhouses

It is accepted to tie up tomatoes not everywhere. In the south they grow at huge plantations, and nobody wants to spend forces and time for this procedure. Nevertheless, tomatoes fructify much better there, than in mid-latitudes. It appears, on stalk of plant there are small pimples - it is rudiments of roots which are necessary for tomatoes for sufficient nutrition. If plants do not tie up and they lie on the earth, roots enter the soil and the bush receives more nutrients and better fructifies.


1. In order that the plant crept on the ground, it is necessary to pluck leaves on two thirds of length of stalk, to put bush horizontally in the direction the top on the South and to powder stalk with well humidified soil, and under the top leaves the earth has to remain dry. The tomato will reach for the sun, its stalk will grow, describing arch, and fruits will directly lie on the earth.

2. If you after all want to adhere to conservative method of cultivation of this vegetable, choose the way of garter suitable for you. The most widespread method – tomato podvyazyvaniye on stake. For this purpose it is necessary to hammer small rail near each bush and to tie to it bush by means of rope. It is better to do rope of unnecessary men's shirts, having dug it on long rags one centimeter wide. As a part of fabric of which they are made synthetics which will not allow ropes to decay and will allow to use them within several years contains. But every year before garter these rags need to be boiled to kill the infection which is perhaps available on them. Tie up bush near the top, having enveloped rope around stalk and peg two – three times and having tied small knot. Try not to draw plant, otherwise the top will die off. Heavy clusters with large fruits are recommended to be tied up too to support that tomato did not spend forces and nutrients for that to support them, and it was not damaged. In process of growth of bush move garter upward or do additional.

3. Other way of garter tomato consists in the following: on the ends of beds it is necessary to drive two pipes or bar with a diameter not less than five centimeters. Between them along bed it is necessary to pull thick wire or to attach thin tubes or rails. Over each bush tie rope for one end to wire, and freely fix by the second end it for tomato stalk. In process of growth the plant will be twisted around rope and to keep vertically.

4. It is also possible to hammer into the earth two pegs from different sides from each row across bed and to pull between them wire. Plants and heavy clusters in that case just lean on wire, holding it the branches. The good soil, regular watering, fertilizing and the correct care for tomatoes – pledge of big and qualitative harvest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team