How to transfer kitchen to the hall

How to transfer kitchen to the hall

Transfer of kitchen is followed by set of difficulties. The first complexity consists in problem of coordination of works in the state instances. If the apartment is located on the first floor, then transfer of kitchen is possible without coordination. In order to avoid penalties it is necessary to be prepared for process of re-planning carefully and competently.

Some obstacles on transfer of kitchen

There are some restrictions which can interfere with process of transfer of kitchen to the hall. For example, the housing inspectorate, most likely, will not grant permission for carrying out transfer if the house is in critical condition. Also on hands of the house owner there has to be project of re-planning issued properly.

The owner of the apartment should face problem of transfer of all engineering networks: water supply system, sewerage and water supply. In the freed room it is possible to organize study, but the living room it will not become.

But there is more to come. The main problem which residents when carrying out re-planning face is the ban on transfer of gas pipe. In this case install the electric stove. And the last: if between the hall and kitchen there is load bearing wall, then association is impossible.

The main works when carrying out re-planning

If you agree with these conditions, then the first that needs to be made – to dismantle the old pipeline and wiring. If the hall is over premises of neighbors, then neither the plate, nor washing can be transferred. As the kitchen is wet zone, at change of arrangement of washing it needs to be raised by several centimeters. And it is better to raise floor height of new kitchen with podium construction. There are special requirements to ventilation of the room. It is necessary to carry out ventilation from the room equipped under kitchen to ventilating box. It is desirable to carry out the flush mounting of ventilation pipe over stretch ceilings. Let's add couple of words to problem of supply of water and water disposal. If the water tuba can function without bias, then for work of sewerage system the bias is necessary. Of course the pipeline of hot and cold water supply can be mounted either in tie or under ceiling, but for mounting of sewage pipe, again, it is necessary to raise floor height. If washing is removed, for example, on 6 m, then the difference is equal to 12 cm. All communications have to be connected to strut.

Advantages of combination of kitchen and hall

The main advantage is increase in functionality of rooms and increase in useful area. It is very convenient to receive guests in such hall, excessive bustle from kitchen to the hall and back – will not be. At the combined option the natural lighting increases.

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