How to transfer radio telephone to the tone mode

How to transfer radio telephone to the tone mode

Each of us at least heard once ""transfer phone to the mode of tone set"". Also was sure that for this purpose it is necessary to press key" "*"". However, not for all phones this manipulation is equally productive.

It is required to you

  • telephone set
  • instruction for use of the telephone set


1. It is possible to check inclusion of tone mode pressing of any button of phone at the picked-up phone. Perhaps, your device already is in the mode of tone set. Listen to sounds which it makes at dialing. If it is short signals, the mode means really tone. If in phone tube you hear short clicks, enrollment pulse. Means, you will not be able to use some interactive functions.

2. For switching of some phones in the mode of tone set it is not rather simple to press key. It is necessary to record it for 1-2 seconds. Try to take the button "" *"" or "" # "" some time. Then look at the screen of the radio of phone. On it the corresponding inscription has to appear: ""tone"" or ""t"". If the inscription has not appeared, again listen to sounds which are made by phone when pressing buttons. On some telephone sets ""tone"" or ""t"" and ""i"" keys/switches are located. In such phones you will just choose the necessary mode (pulse/tone). Switches can there are sideways or from below bases/tubes. There is set of phones with individual way switching in the mode of tone set. For example, consecutive pressing of keys" "*" """ -"" or "" - """ "*" """ -"". The tone mode is included.

3. If any of combinations has not helped to switch your radio phone to the mode of tone set, study attentively the menu of your device. In many switching from one mode to another happens in settings of tube. Open the menu, select the corresponding item (tone/pulse mode), press ""ok"". If you had not suited any of ways, attentively read the instruction to your phone. Perhaps, it is individual. Besides, not proper handling of it can lead to undesirable change of some functions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team