How to treat bacteriosis of cucumbers it is correct

How to treat bacteriosis of cucumbers it is correct

Bacteriosis of cucumbers — disease very dangerous. Often because of it the summer resident loses the most part of harvest. This disease of very hardy bacteria of Pseudomonas syringae relating to family of pseudo-monads is caused. To fight against bacteriosis rather difficult. Usually for this purpose use in complex at the same time both insecticides, and fungicides.

Pseudomonas syringae bacteria, unfortunately, are very widespread in the nature. They meet in water, in the soil, food and even in microfloor of the person. Their main danger is that they are capable to emit toxins. Spots of characteristic color appear from behind it on the infected cucumbers, and in the subsequent fabrics die off at all. At infection of plants with bacteriosis the summer resident can lose up to 70% of harvest.

Because of what the disease develops

Activators of bacteriosis of cucumber or on the soil, or by air with water dust are transferred. At air humidity in 70% and the increased temperature remaining long time, the risk of development of this disease considerably increases. For this reason very often are infected with bacteriosis at the wrong leaving hothouse cucumbers.

Also angular spottiness often strikes seeds of this garden culture at their wrong storage and transportation. That is "to bring" on kitchen garden infection with purchased or even the collected with own hand planting stock of cucumbers very easily.

One more factor increasing risk of infection is the oversaturation of the soil with nitrates. Usually at initial stages Pseudomonas syringae bacterium also eats them. At the same time it actively collects in top soil.

Signs of bacteriosis and photo

It is simple to identify angular spottiness. On leaves of the infected cucumbers brown oily angular spots appear. In the subsequent at dry weather on spots crusts are formed, fabrics die off and on plates holes are formed. Finally from leaf there is only one "skeleton" from streak.

Most noticeable signs of bacteriosis of cucumbers (on photo it is visible visually) happen on leaves. However the bacterium of Pseudomonas syringae of subjects is also remarkable that can strike practically all parts of plant. Oily spots at the infected cucumbers appear also on ovaries, flowers and fruits.

How to treat bacteriosis of cucumbers

To save cucumbers of this infection as it was already mentioned, rather difficult. As well as at the majority of other bacterial diseases, at angular spottiness use at the same time two techniques:

  • tear off and burn the infected parts of plants;
  • carry out chemical processings.

For spraying of sick cucumbers as it was already mentioned, most effective to use insecticides and fungicides in complex. For example, it is possible to process plants mix:

  • insecticide of Aktellik + Bayleton fungicide;
  • Aktellik + "Pharmayod-3".

The quite good decision will also use "Climate" and "Face" for fight against bacteriosis of cucumbers of checker.

Destroy generally only very strongly struck parts of plants at this disease. It is possible to leave leaves, ovaries and cucumbers with small amount of spots before spraying on bushes.

Prevention of disease

To cure cucumbers of bacteriosis even with use of chemicals rather difficult. It is much simpler not to allow development of this disease on plants. The most effective preventive preventive measures against bacteriosis are:

  • landing of cucumbers on well lit place, on the height;
  • autumn deep redigging;
  • careful scarification after waterings;
  • cultivation of grades, resistant to bacteriosis.

Spray cucumbers for prevention of this disease usually with onions infusion. It will be also quite good to use solution of boric alcohol. At cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse surely it is necessary to regulate air humidity. Of course, it is necessary to carry out also preseeding preparation of seeds before landing.

Steady grades

If the bacteriosis of cucumbers causes the summer resident set of problems from year to year, it is worth trying to grow up the grades immune to this disease. Lyosha F1, the Octopus of F1, Masha of F1 concern those, for example. It is also possible to plant on the site cucumbers of such grades as the Competitor, Delicious, Murashka of F1.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team