How to treat phytophthora of tomatoes

How to treat phytophthora of tomatoes

Phytophthora of tomatoes – fungal disease which is suffered by tomatoes, since the middle of August. It is shown in the form of usykhaniye of bush and brown spots on fruits. To receive good harvest from such plantation it will not turn out, and here not to allow spread of infection – quite perhaps.

For prevention of disease of phytophthora tomatoes do not put on one site several years in a row. It does not make sense to change tomato bed for potato because also potatoes are ill phytophthora too. To suppress fungal infection, soil under tomato bed is processed iron vitriol. Iron vitriol is scattered in a dry form, expense - 10 g on sq.m. It is possible to carry out processing and at the very beginning of spring, on yet not melted snow. It is not recommended to use this way on one place from year to year. The excess of iron will destroy soil microflora.

The best way to clean the earth from the fungi causing disease of tomatoes of phytophthora the siderata which are grown up on the beds affected with disease in the spring before planting of seedling in soil, or in the fall, after harvesting help. Will best of all cope with purification of soil of plant from family of cruciferae family - winter cress, white mustard, colza. They need to be sowed in the loosened soil and to grow up up to the height about 30 centimeters, and then to mow and dig over directly on bed. At the same time soil is provided with natural fertilizers.

At the first symptoms of phytophthora on plants – the usykhaniye of leaves, withering of bush, plant process the following medicines: Fitosporin-M, Tsimoksanil, Famoksadon, Tanos, Mankotseb, Mefenoksam, Ridomil Gold. Attentively read instructions to medicines. If you buy tomato seedling in the market, before disembarkation process its fitosporiny or one of stated above by medicine. Choose early grades of tomatoes which manage to give harvest before mass spread of phytophthora.

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