How to turn small balcony into the fantastic blossoming garden

How to turn small balcony into the fantastic blossoming garden

In many modern apartments to balcony so small space is reserved that it is almost useless. There it is impossible to contain even clothes dryer which, as a rule, takes not enough place. One of options how to involve balcony, it to arrange the garden commensurable on the area there.

Many families attach such area to the room to expand space, but at the same time do not remove until the end of wall, the separating room and balcony. Such option very favourably looks as on the one hand the space becomes more, and with another – this small appendix which can lead independent life and bear absolutely other functional role.

If the balcony not big on width, but in length has quite good parameter, then with such space it is possible to work and find for it good solution. As for fantastic garden, it is not necessary to be afraid to experiment here. It is possible to paint walls bright, juicy exotic colors which will be in harmony the plants living in this territory.

As for plants, it is possible to find racks of bizzare shape which will emphasize originality of style in shops now, and will also make care for flowers more convenient, thanks to the design.

It is possible to get suspended designs which it is possible to arrange on walls. It is especially good to suspend those flowers which have long leaves, or escapes grow down. They will not disturb other plants and to take away from them light. As for floor, it it is possible too, or it is even necessary to involve. Best of all on floor to place trees or bushes to which hit of direct beams of the sun is contraindicated.

You should not forget about shelves. For them it is worth allocating one corner where all necessary tools will be stored. Such arrangement not only will save the place for the additional ideas, but also will not allow plants to feel discomfort, everyone needs the small space. If the place allows, then on balcony it is possible to put small coffee table and two chairs. Especially in winter time such situation will remind of warm days and to heat the memoirs in anticipation of the next season.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team