How to twist napkins

How to twist napkins

On any holiday table as decor preference is given to tissues. Gracefully put napkins can create with anything the incomparable atmosphere of holiday. Several simple manipulations with napkins will add to your table style and identity.

It is required to you

  • - napkins;
  • - needle;
  • - threads.


1. To start it is necessary to take in hands big two-layer napkin. It is also possible to use also normal napkin. It needs to be cut on 16 identical small squares. For this purpose just put it on 4 parts and once again on 4 parts. Cut off the received square on edge. Also in advance prepare thin needle. Its thickness has to be no more than 1.8 mm. It is possible to use also other needles, only consider that thickness of tubule which as a result will turn out depends on diameter.

2. Further it is possible to start turning of napkin around needle. Leave not screwed up about 3 cm. Pay to this moment special attention as if to leave less, then the flower will be quite difficult to be held. After that squeeze napkin. Do it accurately not to tear it.

3. On one rosette from 3 to 7 lobes are necessary. Begin to twist "ulitochka". Leave tail. Bend down and make "small stalk". A little it needs to be trampled down, that is to twist a little. Then take the following lobe and also you unbend tail. It is necessary to begin with that place where the previous lobe has ended. It is not necessary to pull lobe strongly. Leave tail and bend it to small stalk.

4. The third lobe becomes similarly. It is necessary to begin with that place in which the second has ended. Besides, the tail needs to be bent to small stalk. Curve petal arch. As a result, we have rosette from three lobes. Strong you hold it for stalk. The same way other seven lobes become.

5. So, the rosette is ready. Cut off tail as it is necessary for you. It is necessary to stick. The normal thread is suitable for this purpose. Roses can be done of any napkin. It is the simplest to use normal, single-layer napkins for this purpose. The tubule which of them becomes is well corrugated. The size of rosettes depends on quantity of lobes and also on stalk thickness. Small and average rosettes look good.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team