How to twist rope

How to twist rope

At construction often it is required to execute fastenings by ropes, however, sometimes, that store do not approach on thickness, flexibility or durability. in such cases of rope twist independently. By the way, designers who do intricate ropes with different drawings actively use this reception.

It is required to you

  • - hook;
  • - filar hank;
  • - drill or dremel;
  • - hook from wire


1. Independently to twist rope, the spacious room, hook on wall, filar hank, drill or dremel, hook from wire is necessary. It can be the large room, but the spacious garage is better. If indoors there is hook at wall, then it will be possible to hook on rope, having used it.

2. So, take wire piece, it is desirable more thickly, 5 cm long. Bend hook on the end of this wire. Place it in dremel or in drill as though inserted drill. Drill or dremel arrange at distance of two such ropes what you want to make.

3. On the end of thread tie loop and throw with it hook on wall. By the way, instead of hook it is possible to use the suitable door handle. Then stretch thread to drill and miss through the hook inserted instead of drill. Again come back to wall.

4. Cut off thread and tie on the end still loop. Again throw with it hook in wall. Farther everything very simply. Take drill and whenever possible strongly pull thread. Include drill. The hook which you have inserted into it has to rotate clockwise. Somewhere in 35-40 seconds switch off drill. Time depends at most the tool and degree of twist of rope.

5. Now very accurately unhook drills thread. The eyelet on the end has to remain. At the same time the thread constantly remains tense.

6. Ropes happen different types. To make rope of Type 8, at you 4х2 have to turn out. That is you will twist 4 double ropes. Respectively, for type 6 or 10 it is necessary to use 3x2 and 5x2.

7. Continue to do type 8. Make three more double ropes. As a result you receive 4 ropes, each of two threads. Gather them, fix in drill and again twist.

8. Accurately remove rope from drill. Leave loop on the end and through hook miss rope again. With eyelet in one hand and drill in other hand approach wall and throw with eyelet hook in wall. Surely you watch that your thread was normally tense. Twist new thread already counterclockwise.

9. That the rope evenly twisted longwise, it is necessary to take pencil and to push it between the making ropes. Further the pencil should be moved towards wall in the course of torsion.

10. Remove rope from hooks and let's it be unwound slightly. On the end that fastened to wall, cut off loops and tie loop for fixing of ready rope on finger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team