How to understand, than to feed up cucumbers

How to understand, than to feed up cucumbers

The cucumber is famous for excellent appetite in respect of fertilizers. It is among those vegetable cultures for which fertilizing is necessary before the end of harvesting. At the shortage of certain microelement the cucumber gives "signals". To save harvest, the gardener needs to catch and distinguish them in time.

Cucumbers "are really gluttonous". But at the same time remember worldly wisdom – everything well moderately! If you "overfeed" cucumbers fertilizers, they can gain unpleasant smack. 

The viability, quantitative and qualitative component of harvest are affected mainly by 6 microelements:

- potassium;

- phosphorus;

- nitrogen;

- calcium;

- magnesium;

- copper.

Their shortcoming, as well as surplus, is capable to nullify all efforts of the gardener. 

Cucumbers first of all love potassium. Not all know, but they consume it even in bigger volume, than nitrogen. At sufficient intake of potassium the cucumbers are more abundant and longer fructify. Also this microelement helps plants to resist to diseases. 

About lack of potassium the cucumbers usually "signal" exterior change. So, if you have noticed yellowing, emergence of the "burnt" edges, the subsequent thinning and drying of old leaves, immediately transfer plants to potash diet. As this microelement is responsible for water supply of plants, fast decrease in turgor and slackness of leaves have to guard too.  

Will tell about the shortage of this microelement also fruits. Weak setting, emergence of brown color and spots, underdevelopment of the basis and inflating of tips (pear-shaped form) – typical signs of lack of potassium. 

It to fill the easiest way – to carry out fertilizing by potassium saltpeter. Prepare solution according to the instruction and you oprysnit leaves of cucumbers. During fructification refuse "chemistry" and water plants at the roots with infusion of wood ashes. Only it has to be obligatory for warm. 

About its deficiency in soil the cucumbers signal the slowed-down development, and it is noticeable already at emergence of the first shoots or at seedling stage. Among other strong indications – fast lignification of escapes, posvetleniye and the subsequent yellowing of foliage. At the shortage of nitrogen the fruits ripen quickly, but they have the modest size. Their tips can sometimes be sharpened unnaturally.  

The optimal solution is to water landings with mullein infusion. Part it with water in proportion 1:10. Instead of krovyak use chicken dung in proportion 1:25. Do not forget, at nitrogen surplus the cucumbers will be "fattened": growth will amplify, leaves will be integrated, and blossoming and fructification will be delayed.

Will tell about the shortage of this microelement skukozhenny at the edges, convex young leaves with narrow light strips. Old at the same time are left without changes. But fruits turn out awful, with underdeveloped tops. When cucumbers lack potassium, on inflorescences decay which can pass not only to escapes and roots, but also fruits is formed.  

Owners of sites the sour soil and fans of cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse where constantly rather high humidity usually face similar problem. Can result in the shortage of calcium also excessive hobby for potash and nitrogen fertilizers.  

For the solution of probyolema to oprysnita or water cucumbers with solution of calcic saltpeter.  

If you have noticed that in the bottom of escape there were bright yellow leaves with dry specks between veins, and growing over them do not change color, but remain small – the sign of deficiency of phosphorus is available. At the same time infructescence decreases. Satisfy phosphoric hunger at cucumbers, oprysnuv with their superphosphate or monophosphate of potassium.

When in the soil there is not enough magnesium, on leaves of cucumbers spots of flavovirent color are formed. The similar phenomenon carries the name chloroz. Fruits begin to ripen ahead of time and also to become overripe promptly. As a result their tastes leave much to be desired. Tells about low amount of magnesium also withering of bushes. 

In this case for fertilizing of cucumbers use magnesium sulfate (sulfate magnesium). Usually it is on sale in the form of granules. For fast elimination of symptoms use magnesium sulfate solution. At introduction of granules the abundant passage of soil is required. 

The shortage of this microelement is characteristic of the peaty soil. In this case leaves at cucumbers look turned white, young foliage very small, and escapes weak and are inclined to withering. At the same time flowers are underdeveloped and are quickly showered. Respectively to wait for rich harvest there is no sense.

Use reliable tool copper vitriol. Do spraying according to leaf or root fertilizing. 

In the preventive purposes you carry out fertilizing of cucumbers by complex fertilizer. It is recommended to be done both at seedling stage, and after disembarkation in soil. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team