How to update chandelier

How to update chandelier

Often there is a wish to change something in interior of the house, but there is not enough money for cardinal alterations, you sigh, without knowing what to undertake, and as a result leave everything as was. And absolutely in vain! A lot of things can be changed the hands, without spending almost any money. For example, to update the bothered chandelier.

It is required to you

  • - special paints;
  • - wire;
  • - fabric or paper;
  • - cord or woolen threads;
  • - balloon;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - beads.


1. If you have standard chandelier with boring white plafonds (opaque or glossy), or even with transparent, it is easy to change it if to paint. For this purpose buy special paints for glass painting (they are on sale in shops for artists) and put the drawing which is pleasant to you and which approaches your dwelling on style. If you are not really sure of the art talents, use ready cliches for patterns. Do not apply many flowers – one-two will be enough.

2. Besides painting, it is possible to change the old lamp by means of the lamp shade. And here – huge scope for your imagination. The lamp shade can be absolutely different – from fabric and paper, glass and branches, wire and plastic. The main thing that safety has been observed (material should not be combustible or flammable) and sense of style. You can make framework of wire and fit it paper or fabric, to embroider and decorate with beads and tapes, it is possible to make the lamp shade of the wattled basket suitable in form, and chandelier horns - of beautiful glasses or glasses (with suitable bottom in which it is necessary to drill holes).

3. You can make chandelier in the form of ball of normal cord or woolen threads for knitting. This way of production of the lamp shade is known long ago. Inflate the round balloon and wind it with the threads soaked in PVA glue or how you will wind, well miss the mark with glue or solution of starch. Let's dry, then blow off ball – your chandelier is ready. Depending on color and thickness of threads at you surprising and various lamps, original and almost free can turn out.

4. You can not only change the lamp shade or plafond, you can change also framework of your chandelier. It can be painted other color, for example, in gold or silver, either black, or red – depending on style of chandelier and interior, it is possible to wind with rope or yarn, or golden wire, to decorate with beads, spangles, beads, splinters of mirror or New Year's toys, shells, sea stones. Show imagination, and the updated chandelier in a new way will decorate your room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team