How to update furniture

How to update furniture

The home decoration which has served many years can be restored with little effort and special knowledge. To update tree furniture, experts recommend to use coloring of surface. Using this method, it is possible to achieve good result for a short time.

It is required to you

  • - paint brush;
  • - solvent;
  • - palette;
  • - bast from small wire;
  • - abrasive paper of different fraction;
  • - paint;
  • - painting adhesive tape.


1. Prepare surface under painting. Use paint brush for drawing on the surface of solvent and the palette for paint scraping.

2. Arrange surface which will be exposed to cleaning horizontally.

3. Brush it is abundant apply thinner on furniture surface, leave approximately for 30 minutes.

4. Moving the palette along wood fibers, clean off the softened paint, at the same time you hold the palette horizontally.

5. In case furniture has been painted several times, repeat the procedure of cleaning.

6. To clean figured parts, for example fine-molded legs, use the bast made of fine wire previously having moistened it with thinner.

7. Putty the cracks and chips which are available on furniture, wait for full drying of putty.

8. Fine-grained abrasive paper process surface.

9. To zashkurta the first time rough, and after fine-grained abrasive paper, at the same time grinding you carry out sites with the flaking wood fibers along fibers.

10. Humidify surface. After its drying, the raw tips of fibers will rise. Carry out grinding once again, after brush sweep away garbage from surface.

11. Before coloring, remove from door cabinets.

12. Using painting adhesive tape, protect objects, adjacent to the painted surface.

13. Cover furniture surface with oil paint, using for this purpose soft brush or the spray. Wait for full drying of surface (at least 10 hours).

14. Put the following coat of paint.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team