How to update upholstered furniture

How to update upholstered furniture

You can change interior in the apartment, having updated upholstered furniture. Having picked up to it curtains and other decorative elements, you will force the room to play new paints. Furniture can be restored completely, if necessary even to change a little foam rubber form, and it is possible to make only original patches on worn-out parts. Calculate the forces and that amount of time which you are ready to spend for work with the upholstered furniture.

It is required to you

  • - fabric;
  • - furniture stapler;
  • - tape measure or tailor's meter;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine.


1. Draw upholstered furniture. For this purpose it is necessary to sort sofa or chair on the making elements. Separate armrests, unscrew or pull out seat. You can remove old upholstery if it is strongly polluted or worn-out and to use it for pattern. And you can attach new fabric over old. Make necessary patterns. Fix fabric by the furniture stapler to timber furniture frame construction. If necessary lay new foam layer inside.

2. Update upholstered furniture, having sewed for it covers. Removable covers are practical decision, they can always be removed and washed as required. If you well is able to sew, then covers can have irregular shape, for example, completely to repeat furniture outlines. Pick up fabric in shop so that it was in harmony with your interior. Strict monophonic fabrics or in thin strip best of all will be suitable for classic style. Various flower motives well look in rural style. But if to you it is cozy and comfortable on upholstered furniture which is fitted by plush, fur, silk or velvet, then do not refuse to yourself such pleasure. Update covers when old you are bothered.

3. If sewing is not your "fad", then for updating will be to make or buy ready covers enough. Take the measurements of furniture and make the sketch that in shop at once to orient what material and in what quantity will be required to you. Covers can wrap up chair or sofa completely, together with armrests, and can close only seat and back. The last option will approach if the old upholstery is not strongly worn-out and is well combined on color and the drawing with new material.

4. Pay attention to visible wooden elements of upholstered furniture if they are. Process legs, armrests and other parts abrasive paper if they varnished. Cracks, deep scratches close up putty for tree. After full drying to the oshkurta leveling masses these places fine-grained grinding. Cover wooden parts with suitable shaded varnish or use mordant for the first layer, and then varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team