How to update verandah or terrace

How to update verandah or terrace

Spring - time of improvements and updates! Transform the terrace or verandah by means of some design receptions, furniture and objects of decor!


1. Emphasis on dverirazmestita instead of call on door beater. Such it is very often possible to see on doors of the European or western houses. They are issued in different styles - from classical to modern.

2. Mailbox on stoykerazmestita on terrace instead of traditional mailbox - mailbox on rack. Make original mailbox with own hands.

3. Flower to yashchikipostavta at windows or on floor flower boxes with plants. In them it is possible to land primrose, hyacinths, geranium.

4. OsveshchenieSadovyy lighting connects pedestrian path with terrace and will perfectly look even if your path not too long and twisting.

5. TsinovkaPolozhite before outer door motley, interesting mat. It will refresh look and will make pleasant impression at entering the house. It is possible to choose handmade rugs, main that they were from materials which are resistant to atmospheric actions (for example, from polypropylene).

6. Plants in kashpovash the terrace will change if to put on its edges high cachepots with plants. Harmonious transition from terrace to garden zone is created. As plants the box, palm trees, juniper and other ornamental plants will approach. The cachepot in the corresponding style will be appropriate to arrange also at the entrance at verandah.

7. Candles in garden at the podsvechnikakhteply summer nights of candle will create the atmosphere of romanticism and cosiness. Big garden candlesticks will protect candles from wind.

8. Electric girlyandyesl you are afraid to place on candle terrace for safety reasons, hang up electric daisy. Warm white light of bulbs creates interesting lighting on terrace. The daisy should be placed in the place protected from atmospheric precipitation.

9. The garden mebelyelegantny wicker furniture will turn your terrace into cozy oasis. Fans of the French romanticism will suit the forged furniture. The wooden furniture with thread elements will be suitable for those who prefer rural style-. Admirers of shebbi-chic should give preference to the furniture decorated in the equipment decoupage.

10. Lodges for ptitsptichiya lodge in vintage style - fine element of decor on facade wall. Besides in the summer you will hear under window chatter of birds - the small weakening joy!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team