How to upholster doors

How to upholster doors

If to upholster outer doors with leatherette, then to increase considerably them shumo- and thermal insulation. In this article we will teach you as it is correct to make it. Try, it to quite well ordinary person, the nonspecialist.

To upholster doors use imitation leather, oilcloth or leatherette. Panel material has to be dense and it is desirable, moisture - and air-tight. And to warm door, felt, old blanket, gunny, cotton wool, etc. is useful.

However, if you use felt or other natural heater, then it needs to be processed previously means from moth that this small animal "has not eaten" your doors. The upholstery becomes thus:

  • It is necessary to beat accurately panel material-heater, to plain surface of door.
  • To find piece of imitation leather, oilcloth or leatherette so that there was stock of 12-15 cm from each party. It is necessary that the roller 5 cm wide has turned out.
  • In the roller put cotton wool or other material. Leave stock from loops that the slot has been blocked by panel material.
  • Attach finished product, and check correctness of cutting. If everything is all right, you can try to upholster doors.
  • From above, in the left stock put vatu that the roller supported on several centimeters door top. Fix it by nails. Also process door on all perimeter. You watch that the upholstery went exactly, without hillocks and folds.
  • Then take dense tape and special nails with hats beat it, having made on door pattern in cage. Usually do upholstery cross-wise. If the upholstery bugritsya, beat tape more densely and often.
  • The roller from below has to lag behind floor on couple of centimeters in order to avoid its fast deleting.


  • the door of two shutters is done approximately also as well as single-door. Difference only in the speaker the roller. It needs to be attached from that party of door where there is handle.
  • doors have to be closed very densely, hermetically. Otherwise there will be big heatlosses. The arisen slots can be laid rubber tube. It needs to be beaten small nails.
  • that from door the barrel is less, it is necessary to close slot between door and slope polyethylene tape and to fix it by buttons.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team