How to use base under shadows

How to use base under shadows

order that foundation has laid down more exactly and has held on longer than time, makeup artists recommend to use base under make-up. For eyes there is base under shadows. By means of it shadows and eyeliner not only will look brighter, but also will hold on all day long in original state.

On oily skin age of shadow are badly shaded and often lay down spots. If you have made make-up in the morning, most likely by the evening from your shadows nothing will remain, or they will gather pleated centuries. On dry eyelid skin of shadow lay down faintly and are constantly showered because of bad coupling with surface.

What type of skin you would not possess, the faults will be found everywhere. The base under shadows will solve all these problems with ease.

For what the base under shadows is necessary

The main objective of base under shadows is to prolong firmness of make-up of eyes. With good base of shadow will not roll up in fold of century, will not blur and do not osypitsya. You can be quiet, by the end of day of eye will look just as in the morning.

Besides, the base under shadows absorbs excess skin fat, levels surface of century, smoothes peelings. Shadows, pencil or eyeliner are better put and look nasyshchenny. Usually the base contains small amount of pigment which with ease will disguise problem places: the appearing vessels, redness or blue because of sleep debt.

How to pick up basis under shadows

The liquid base under shadows moisturizes eyelid skin, matts, but does not hide shortcomings. Will suit the owner of young skin without any obvious problems. The cream base due to the texture and bigger quantity of pigment helps to disguise redness, pigmental spots and the translucent vessels. For oily skin it is better to use gel basis, she allows skin to breathe, without hammering time. Choose shade of base the most similar to color of your skin.

How to cause base under shadows

Any base is applied on dry clean eyelid. If basis in the form of powder, it is necessary to put it with brush. Distribute base from eyelashes to eyebrows that it was not visible. Remove surplus. The liquid or cream base can be caused both with brush, and finger-tips. The patting movements not to stretch eyelid skin, distribute base also from eyelashes to eyebrows. It is possible to remove surplus by means of Q-tip or the applicator. After causing base, densely close jar that the basis has not dried and has served to you as long as possible. If for some reason you cannot acquire ready base under shadows, it is possible to replace it in several ways: to put shadows in the damp way, to use as base foundation, the proofreader or white pencil. As basis cream shadows of light shades can also act.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team