How to use bleach

How to use bleach

Bleach really perfectly copes with the hardly removed spots, but it is necessary to use it with care. This results from the fact that aggressive chemicals which can damage fabric are its part.

It is required to you

  • - tobelivatel;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - lemon;
  • - basin;
  • - linen.


1. Attentively study the instruction on the label of bleach. If necessary unpick all metal elements from clothes or linen. They can rust in the course of bleaching, and around them dark stains which to remove very difficult are formed. Then take basin and pour in it water. Basin has to be plastic or aluminum, but not metal. Water has to be warm, but is not hotter. Add bleach at the rate of one-two tablespoons on water liter to water.

2. Submerge linen in basin. Notice that bleach cannot be poured directly on clothes at all - it is stirred previously with water. Otherwise it is possible to burn fabric fibers. Leave things from rough fabrics of white color to be retted in solution for hour. Things from fine fabric have to undergo processing no more than ten minutes. Color things are also put for 10 minutes, but there is high probability of the fact that colors will fade. Therefore it is better on spots on color things to squeeze out lemon and from above to put gruel from laundry detergent, and then to carry out normal washing.

3. After bleaching the linen needs to be rinsed carefully. Repeat the procedure repeatedly, the bleach smell will not leave yet. If the smell remains - add a little hydrogen peroxide to basin, rinse things in the received solution. Other way is to carry out washing in the washing machine with use of fabric softener. It is necessary to expose at once the rinsing mode, if desired - with the subsequent extraction.

4. Bleach can be added when washing in the washing machine. Pour three tablespoons of bleach in small plastic capacity, and then dissolve it with water. Later fill in solution in the office intended for this purpose. If to pour bleach at once in the machine - it is possible to damage its parts. At such washing surely add fabric softener.

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