How to use bronzator for the person

How to use bronzator for the person

Bronzator reminds the look usual compact powder, but more dark shades. It is possible to use bronzator for the person all the year round to give it fresh view with effect of easy suntan.


  1. You do not hurry to start putting powder-bronzatora at once. At first moisten face with usual day cream or tone means, otherwise the bronzator will lay down spots that not in the best way will affect your appearance. Before applying the bronzing powder, choose its suitable shade. Girls with light skin need to pay attention to averages of tone and to try to avoid dark. The last are combined with swarty skin ideally. It is important at the same time to try not to use bronzator with obvious yellow subtone, otherwise the complexion will look unhealthy.
  2. It is not necessary to apply the bronzing powder with sponge. The wide and soft brush will be suitable for this purpose, only then the powdered face will look naturally. When drawing bronzator on brush do not forget to shake surplus. With circular motions evenly distribute means on the person, carefully shading. Those who only begins to use the bronzing powder are recommended to be trained at first to apply it on the acting parts of the face which treat forehead, back of nose and cheekbone.
  3. It is also important to pay attention to area of neck and decollete as, as a rule, it is the lightest sites on body which not really well give in to natural suntan. But thanks to bronzator the make-up will harmoniously look, without sharp transitions, contrasts and borders.
  4. Small bonus when using of the bronzing powder is the possibility of little updating of face form. Owners of round face type should put bronzator under cheekbones, bringing the line to temples on both sides. At square face type of cheekbone it is necessary to try to smooth, putting means from below up. If you have triangular face type, try to darken the line of chin. So, drawing by the bronzing powder is not difficult procedure at all. The main thing in this case – practice therefore do not despair if something has not turned out from the first.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team