How to use butterflies in interior

How to use butterflies in interior

Not only children, but also many adults are enraptured at the sight of the butterflies flitting on summer meadow. But the summer comes to an end, butterflies disappear, and so there is a wish to see these legkokryly beauties near themselves all the year round. There is nothing more simply - to decorate with the flitting beauties the dwelling enough.

The butterfly in the house is not only element of decor, but also the symbol bearing positive energy to its inhabitants. How to use butterflies in interior that not only to decorate the room, but also to attract good luck to the house?

Versions of the image of butterflies in interior

Options of artificial butterflies great variety. Get figurines from glass or ceramics. Hang out on the picture walls, representing winged beauties. Or buy wind music with metal butterflies.

In shops the set of stickers of the different size with the necessary image is on sale. But it is possible to make them with own hands from paper, plastic or fabric. Everything depends on ability and imagination.

Very beautifully the butterflies drawn on wall with the special shining paint look.

But do not hang up in the house of panel with the dried insects, it is kind of beautiful they looked - such "dead nature" does not bear any positive energy. If you like similar jewelry, prefer to the real flitting creations of artificial. Behind glass they will look quite "naturally".

Where it is the best of all to place butterflies?

Butterflies in apartment interior best of all look in the bedroom or the children's room. Place the flitting butterflies on ceiling or chandelier and to fill up and wake up you and your child you will be only in good mood.

Attach spiral swarm of "winged flowers" on wall, and you will have feeling that the summer has flown to you to the room.

Put the figurine representing butterfly on dressing table or bedside table, and it will please steadily your look.

The only place in the room where it is not recommended "to lodge" butterflies – curtains. The butterfly attached on curtain kind of flies away to window, and together with it family wellbeing. 

What is symbolized by butterflies on feng shui

Since ancient times they are considered as symbol of harmony and joy. If the person is lonely and looks for family happiness, then butterflies will be able to attract love in its dwelling. And if in the house there lives the married couple which passion has died away long ago, these charming insects will help to revive it again. The image of butterfly with plum or feather symbolizes long life. And butterfly on chrysanthemum – beauty symbol at any age.

Still were not defined how to use butterflies in interior, then look at photos, perhaps, they will urge on your imagination!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team