How to use clover as lawn

How to use clover as lawn

It is good to use clover as lawn on sites which have badly trained soil, on the shaded places and in case you want to have well-groomed beautiful lawn, without wasting many efforts.

The clover will not let weeds to your lawn. It will not need hairstyle. The lawn from clover looks not worse than classical. For lawns different grades of clover are used. The most widespread – the Clover Pink and the Clover Creeping (white). White undersized, on characteristics it is similar on pochvopokrovnik.

Crops of lawn from clover

Having decided to arrange lawn from clover, it is necessary to buy seeds at first. It becomes in the spring. The lawn from clover can be put earlier, than normal as soon as the earth after winter has thawed, and frosts have stopped at night. Clover – hardy plant. It can adapt to different regions and weather patterns. Well transfers frosts and within three years every year sprouts, without demanding new podsevaniye.

Before landing it is necessary to level the site rake. But it is possible not to try as with landing of normal grass lawn. The clover will disguise all roughnesses of the soil. Then potassium permanganate needs to wet seeds of clover for hour in water or weak solution, to dry up and mix in half with dry sand or the garden earth. By quantity about 100 g of seeds on 1 m² of future lawn are necessary. The seeds mixed with sand evenly are distributed on the area of lawn. It is better to sow in several directions – lengthways, then across or on diagonal. Crops from above are filled up with earth layer in one centimeter. In fertile soil or peat for top layer of need is not present – the clover will sprout on any soil. The earth is slightly condensed (to roll all area there is no need too, it is enough to be trampled on the sowed site, having enclosed veneer sheet under legs). UhodPosle consolidations of the earth should water crops with very small rain that has not washed away the soil and has not washed away seeds. Try to carry out landing when rains are not predicted at least to steam of the next few days. It is necessary to water lawn daily, trying to support the soil damp all the time and without allowing it to dry up within week. In two weeks, sprouts will appear. It your new lawn has begun to be formed of clover. The clover is quite drought-resistant – the adult lawn can be watered in the summer not more often than once a week. It is not necessary to fertilize lawn from clover – the plant contains enough nitrogen that not only safely to raise and turn green, but also to napityvat useful substances the soil. The lack of lawn can be considered the fact that it is not resistant to trampling. To keep type of beautiful green lawn, it is necessary to lay paths in lawn. In three years the lawn should be sowed again, using the above method.

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