How to use fern leaves

How to use fern leaves

Big branches of ferns in garden wither in the fall. Do not throw out them - use. To increase their quantity, also collect branches of wild ferns which are in many mushroom forests where the sour earth. Cut off fern branches scissors at the basis.

It is required to you

  • Secateurs or scissors


1. The covering for plants, sensitive to cold, the Dried-up fern creates buffer zone for plants, effectively protecting them from cold. The fern does not decay until the end of frosts Cut branches largely, without milling and cover low plants. It is also possible to use under the inverted pots or film as good free heat insulator.

2. Fern as mulch for the ogorodena leave the earth naked. The layer of foliage of fern promotes action of earthworms in decomposition of organic matters. The layer of leaves has to be 10-15 cm. Trample it legs.

3. Favorable mulch for decorative to sadapokroyta the earth under bushes of green hedge or between perennials on bed. This cover has the same role, as on kitchen garden, reducing difference between daytime and night time temperature, detains moisture. Ferns are ideal for sour soils, decaying they promote maintaining acidity. Do not use for plants of alkaline soils (for the majority of plants the rock aria)

4. Infusion from fern leaves - fine means for fight against fungal diseases (mealy dew, rust) or as insecticide, especially against plant louses.

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