How to use milk in garden

How to use milk in garden

Milk contains number of the substances limiting development dispute of fungi. It allows to fight against mealy dew - parasitic fungal disease. Also milk is applied in the form of sprays to strengthening of the immune system of plants. It is possible to use it and at preparation of the Bordeaux liquid for its best adhesion (sticking to plant).

It is required to you

  • - garden sprayer;
  • - capacity for preparation of solutions, the bucket is possible.


1. Prepare solution of antifungal milk. Prepare solution just before application. Mix 1 volume of semifat milk (2.5% of fat content) and 9 pure volumes. Always use this proportion: the insufficient amount of milk is inefficient, the surplus of milk can cause other diseases of plants.

2. Use milk solution against mealy dew. You can use milk solution on all plants sensitive to mealy dew, namely: - kitchen garden plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, strawberry, etc.); - fruit trees and bushes; - roses, rhododendrons, delphiniums, begonias, etc. Preventive processing - spraying by spray once a month. Medical processing - spraying by spray of times a week before full treatment. As well as any natural treatment, spraying by milk is effective at the beginning of disease.

3. Use of milk for linking of the Bordeaux liquid. Bordeaux liquid known antifungal medicine. Mix 1 volume of semifat milk (2.5% of fat content) and 10 volumes of the Bordeaux liquid. This solution "will better lay down" on plant.

4. Stimulate growth of your pumpkins. To receive larger fruits, water your pumpkin once a week with one liter of milk at the roots.

5. Improve blossoming of geranium. Add several drops of milk when watering geranium. It will blossom more magnificently.

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