How to use plywood at repair

How to use plywood at repair

It is possible to use plywood at repair and finishing of internal rooms, in particular, it allows to execute floor tie, wall panels, windowsills, partitions and another. It can be applied to construction of timbering and finishing of facade of the building.

Plywood as plate construction material enjoys invariable popularity at repair and construction. It is actively applied and in the industry, shipbuilding, aircraft industry, production of furniture and so on. Plywood is eco-friendly, practical and light material, analogs which are not present yet.

Where and as it is used

Most widely at repair and construction plywood is used for construction of timbering and other cast designs from concrete – columns, overlappings. The timbering made of plywood allocates design from concrete with a number of advantages, and in many respects thanks to the equal, smooth walls which are not demanding additional cleaning from roughnesses, dents and ledges. Due to ability to push away water, material is not afraid of moisture, does not get out of the shape and technical qualities during operation. Besides, the moisture resistant plywood timbering can be used repeatedly at the corresponding storage and leaving.

Construction plywood is irreplaceable when laying floors. The eco-friendly sheets laid under floor allow to prevent possible deformations and to raise floor life cycle. Besides, this material has also heat-insulating properties that is especially relevant for floor covering. Plywood is very often used when carrying out roofing works. Thanks to the mechanical characteristics – the special durability of longitudinal fibers, it for this purpose is ideal, providing resistance to loadings and the long period of service.

As use material for finishing of internal rooms

Plywood very often make out interior because its exterior is very similar to exterior of wood. Carry out from it the wall panels, windowsills soundproofing and heat-insulating panels, interroom and decorative partitions and many other things. Plywood sheets of the big sizes from birch can often be met as finishing material of rooms of big scales – bars and restaurants. Thanks to such finishing it is possible to keep comfortable balance between humidity and temperature which is so necessary for the person. Quite often it sheathe walls of concert rooms and gyms. Plywood perfectly is suitable also for carrying out external works, in particular, at repair of facade of the building. This material provided by plywood sheets enough big sizes allows to reduce mounting of exterior significantly. Quite often it is combined with other materials and in many respects thanks to ease and simplicity of mounting.

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