How to use the remains of wall-paper for decor

How to use the remains of wall-paper for decor

After repair, as a rule there is unused wall-paper which is a pity for throwing out and there is nothing to paste over with them. But you should not despair absolutely because there are several ways as they can be adapted for interior decor.

Scrappy wall 

It is possible to paste over with the remains of wall-paper one of walls in the equipment patchwork, placing thereby emphasis on it. Such wall will be appropriate in the children's room or the country, vintage or retro will be continuation of interior in style.

To create wall from rags it is necessary to prepare pieces of wall-paper, identical in form and the size. Then in any order to paste them on wall. It is necessary to paste over from above in bottom. Joints between wall-paper can be trimmed with thin satin ribbon in addition.

Wall-paper under glass

Such method of decor can be used when the surface necessary to us has lost the exterior or just to change interior. For this purpose on the chosen surface wall-paper is pasted and then from above is covered with glass. It can be coffee table, kitchen apron, curbstones and dressers.

Pasting of furniture 

Furniture can be decorated wall-paper at the same time without using glass. 

For this purpose the surface needs to be ground from old covering, to ground and pokleit wall-paper. This way will be suitable only for small pieces of furniture: boxes, curbstones, dresser. From above for protection against damages and dust it is possible to varnish wall-paper.

Decor of internal walls of furniture

It is possible to paste over internal surfaces of open cabinets, shelves or racks. So furniture will look absolutely in a different way. Using the remains of wall-paper in such a way it is possible to add color, the drawing, ornament to the room. 

Wall-paper within

To create such decor, several frames will be necessary for photos different or identical by the size. It is necessary to insert the remains of wall-paper into them. To hang up framework on walls.

Panel from wall-paper

This type of decor is similar to previous, only instead of framework it is necessary to use thin plywood on which it is necessary to paste wall-paper. From reverse side to make suspension. And to hang up on wall. Panels do of several pieces, one size and form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team