How to verify authenticity of gold

How to verify authenticity of gold

Gold - rather expensive metal therefore the chance to get fake is huge, but it is slightly less, than upon platinum purchase. To distinguish the real piece of jewelry from gold from fake, it is possible to make simple experiments.

  • - lyapisny pencil;
  • - iodine;
  • - vinegar;
  • - needle.

1. The Lyapisny pencil - the easiest and available way. If you do not have it, then get it in any pharmacy. Open cap of pencil and rub gold. If you have in hands fake, then color will change on dark. But you remember when product from above with gold sputtering, any changes in color are not.

2. The iodine droplet can also save from acquisition of forgery. Apply a little normal iodine on product, slightly wait and look. Usually color does not change, but if gold has suddenly turned blue - refuse acquisition of doubtful product.

3. As gold rather soft metal, you can scratch slightly internal part of product needle. If under yellow sputtering the non-uniform layer, for example, white or red is seen, then you have in hands fake. But this option researches of authenticity can be conducted only on the paid ornament, will hardly allow to scratch gold in shop before purchase.

4. Pour a few 7% of vinegar in capacity and put product. If in 20-30 minutes color has not changed, the original piece of jewelry means at you. But it is worth noticing that gilded products too not always change the color, especially those that are covered with rather thick layer of gold.

5. Examine all places of fastening of stones and also locks. In these parts of product it is possible to notice that internal color is a little another. But it does not belong to the real gold, it at friction does not change, in color, in thickness of links.

6. Try to buy jewelry, especially expensive, only in large jewelry stores or at opportunity even at the plants. Do not forget to study all certificates and to be interested in the country of origin of gold. Also you monitor reaction of the seller. If they know that they sell fake, then begin to be nervous and give muffled answers. If there is nothing to hide, the seller behaves quietly and easily, explains to the buyer all subtleties and helps with the choice, but does not offer the first product.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team