How to warm floors in bath

How to warm floors in bath

The tradition to take a steam bath in the Russian bath recently begins to revive therefore more and more owners of houses seek to construct bath on own site. But modern people aspire to the maximum comfort therefore warming of this room including floors is important.

It is required to you

  • - cranial bars;
  • - paroizolyatsionny material;
  • - floorboards;
  • - extruded polystyrene;
  • - waterproofing material;
  • - extruded polystyrene foam;
  • - armoring lattice;
  • - cement and sand tie;
  • - perlite;
  • - cement.


1. If at the initial stage of construction of bath it has not been made due warming of floors, then it is necessary to dismantle wooden finishing at first. Beat cranial bars to the lower parts of open beams and lay paroizolyatsionny material, then attach draft floorboards. Further it is necessary to fill all space between beams thermal insulation material (extruded polystyrene), from above which the waterproofing keeps within. The warming stage is completed by mounting of the top floorboards.

2. To warm concrete floor in bath, it is necessary to lay concrete slab on base basis. From above the waterproofing which perfectly protects the base and overlapping from moisture influence will already be placed. Afterwards make laying of heater in the form of polyfoam or extruded polystyrene foam which has perfectly proved (also haydite of crushed fines approaches as heater). On plastic or concrete supports mount armoring lattice. From above on heater the thirty-millimetric layer of cement and sand tie is filled in. Level tie and from above lay tile.

3. The most effective method of warming of concrete floors in bath is laying of two concrete layers and also thermal insulation material in the form of perlite. Perlite represents quite light bellied sand which differs in low heat conductivity. During operating time with this material, the room has to be closed as perlite scatters on wind. At first it is necessary to stir two buckets of perlite with one bucket of water but only then already to add cement. When mix is carefully mixed, pour still bucket of perlite and half of liter of water. Stir weight until from it water does not begin to be emitted. It is also sure sign of the fact that high-quality laying for warming of floor is ready. Lay out layer of the prepared mix on concrete slab and leave to dry. In week the laying of the second concrete layer is made.

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