How to warm the base of the house from within

How to warm the base of the house from within

Works on base thermal insulation come down to basement wall decoration from within. Special materials which are used for this purpose do not allow cold to get in the house and also interfere with formation of the condensate capable to do to construction considerable harm.

Preparation of the base before warming

Process of warming of the base is begun with preparation of inside face of its walls. At first on them eliminate all defects — slots, cracks and openings. Apply layer of frost-resistant waterproofing on internal part of walls. Then wrap up inside face of socle overlapping with layer of vapor barrier, permeable only from outside at home.

After that it is necessary to choose the warming material and also technology of mounting. As such materials most often use haydite, the foam panels or soil of backfilling. There are designs representing the frameworks filled with heat insulators and also mixes which evaporate on walls, swelling up they form monolithic surface.

Bulk thermal insulation can be done only in the open base without socle overlapping. The bulk method of warming is the cheapest, however it excludes carrying out repair and audit of subfloor in the future. Panel isolation is suitable for warming of any base, this way is considered more expensive, by efficiency it is comparable with external finishing.

Works on thermal insulation

Haydite or soil fill up in base bosoms, and the foam panels paste to its inside face or fix by means of thermodowels. Dowels give to surface additional durability, however it is possible to do also without them, internal basements are not subject to action of snow, rain or strong wind. Installation of panels is begun from floor and gradually approach ceiling. At the same time it is necessary to watch that the surface turned out plain, without wide joints. For filling of emptiness between panels special sealants are used. Seams between panels need to be filled with polyurethane foam, to cause the gluing structure, and over it to pull armoring lattice from fiber glass. The surface strengthened by grid is carefully rubbed clean, processed the leveling mix, and then put primer layer. After that the layer of front plaster is applied on walls that increases fire resistance of finishing.

Ventilation of the basement

After mounting of thermal insulation it is necessary to take care of ventilation of subfloor. For this purpose in the base it is necessary to leave through holes. Them have on one axis, in the winter of opening carefully close to avoid heat leakages from subfloor. In warm season they are opened that the natural course of air has removed the condensate which has collected for cold season.

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