How to warm the house from log

How to warm the house from log

The tree has smaller heat conductivity, than brick and concrete. However walls of log houses are much thinner stone, besides they have many joints through which heat leaves. Therefore wooden houses need additional warming not less, than the houses built of other materials. In terms of construction science, the most correct way of increase in heat-shielding of log house is its external warming by mineral wool.

It is required to you

  • - mineral wool;
  • - vapor-permeable diffusive film (izospan And yes so forth);
  • - boards of 50х100 mm;
  • - wooden rails;
  • - carpenter's tool;
  • - nails;
  • - construction adhesive tape;
  • - stapler.


1. Remove from external walls of the house from all superfluous: old covering, window platbands and so forth. If necessary to prokonopatta or fill with polyurethane foam the available slots between logs, openings in the place of entrances or exits of cables and pipelines, joints on perimeter of window and door cases. Show consideration for this work. The insufficient tightness of walls of the house will lead to exit and condensation in insulating layer of humid air from within that can lead to rotting of walls.

2. Beat to walls obresht for heater laying. As rails of the obreshet use boards 40-50 mm thick and width equal to heater thickness. Beat boards edge to wall, having them vertically at distance from each other 60 cm. Expose the help of plumb their external faces in one vertical plane, if necessary podtesyvy logs or enclosing scraps of boards.

3. Lay between boards of the obreshet of plate of mineral wool, trying to obtain that they entered between obreshety and with each other (on height) it is dense, under some tightness. It is necessary to cut mineral wool long, sharp knife on the rail attached to heater with some stock – for providing push fit. With truly picked up width of boards of the obreshet the surface of heater will be flush with faces of boards.

4. Lay over heater and the obreshet diffusive membrane as protection of heater and walls of the house against external moisture and wind. When laying diffusive films what party they keep within to heater matters. Necessary information on it is available in the instruction to membranes, pay attention to it. Attach film to obreshet the stapler and glue places of joints with construction adhesive tape.

5. Over waterproofing to faces of boards of the obreshet beat spacing rails which will provide necessary ventilating gap between heater and external covering. Width of rails has to be equal to thickness of boards of the obreshet, thickness – 30-40 mm.

6. Sheathe the house one of the materials suitable for this purpose – vinyl siding, lining, various panels.

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