How to warm walls from within

How to warm walls from within

Residents of many new buildings are forced to struggle with lack of heat in apartments. It is possible to increase temperature indoors by means of electric heaters, and it is possible to warm walls which often and are the reason of cold.


1. There are several ways of warming of walls in the apartment, but most often carry out two of them: increase in wall thickness with use of gypsum cardboard and mineral heater, and pasting of walls penopleksovy blocks with the subsequent plaster. Both options are equally effective, however, for fight not only against cold, but also against moisture, it is the best of all to use the second way.

2. If in the apartment low humidity, you can warm walls, by means of mineral heater and plasterboard plates. For this purpose before construction of framework for gypsum cardboard it is necessary to cover with plaster all slots which are available on wall. After full drying paste over walls with any thermal insulation material on the basis of frothed polyethylene, and then execute mounting of metal framework. When the framework is established, lay mineral heater between vertical racks. It is necessary to make it most densely, without allowing admissions – so you will achieve the best thermal insulation. Having completed heater placement operations, it is possible to fix gypsum cardboard, and then to otshpaklevat ready walls.

3. If in the apartment the increased humidity and during the autumn and winter period in corners appears mold, it is necessary to warm walls with use of firm penopleksovy plates. First of all, clean walls from the appeared mold, and then cover all slots with plaster. After drying of surface paste over all walls with penopleksovy plates with use of glue for ceramic tile. After end of this stage of works, cover all joints with any plaster without plaster addition, and then perform works on putty of walls. In completion of works it is possible to paint walls with aqueous emulsion, acrylic or other ink or to paste over them with wall-paper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team