How to warm water pipe

How to warm water pipe

Quite often in winter time there are problems connected with freezing of water supply system. However any person can cope with this task. It is only necessary to have idea of how it is correct to carry out warming of water pipe.


1. The fact is that water is in water supply system constantly. If it does not move anywhere, then turns into ice. To prevent such consequences, it is necessary to put pipes on depth about 2 meters. If it cannot be made, then it is possible to apply the warming-up cable. That there was no freezing of water pipe, it is necessary to eliminate all leakages.

2. Water pipes freeze when soil around them has negative temperature. After it is executed having warmed pipes, its temperature begins to go quickly to negative as to execute warming of soil on rather long distance from pipe is very problematic.

3. After the water supply system is warmed, it is necessary to close one of tapping cocks. It becomes in order that on pipe constantly there was water. It should not manage to be chilled. The water supply system which is in freezing zone requires to itself special attention.

4. It is possible to use the equipment which is used for preventive washing of the sewerage to otogrev of water pipe. Defreeze pipes usually by means of hydrodynamic installation which is capable to produce hot water with temperature up to 150 °C. This installation pumps water on pressure hose. Power at the same time about 100 atmospheres. This device from 380 volts works. The boiler which uses diesel fuel heats water. It is possible to warm pipe also water of room temperature, however it is less effective.

5. If you have decided to execute defrosting of water pipe, then surely consider that hot water will flow from pipe in well from which it is necessary to pump out it. It is also necessary to disconnect before defrosting pipe from the highway. For this purpose it is possible just to block water supply. Further it is necessary to sort pipe and to be engaged in defrosting.

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