How to wash away mascara

How to wash away mascara

woman with correctly done make-up always draws attention and looks irresistibly. But that which truly removes it - will keep the youth for a long time. One of the most difficult moments is removal of ink from eyelashes.


  1. Use special means for removal of make-up from eyes. Do not wash away ink from eyelashes and in general make-up, by means of soap at all. Always use special cosmetics for makeup removal. Choose them under ink type - as waterproof or usual.
  2. Choose means type individually. It can be milk, liquid or two-phase liquid with oil. Sensitive skin of eyes needs gentle milk, any means will be suitable for usual. If it has caused allergy, immediately refuse its further use.
  3. You carry out by cotton pad on eyes, without stretching skin. Moisten vatu with means for removal of make-up. Do not try to pour it as much as possible. Apply several drops on the center of disk, then apply it to the closed eye for twenty seconds. This reception will allow to injure less eyelid, ink will be softened and will easily descend from eyelashes. Do not rub eyes very actively. Carry out by cotton pad from external corner to internal, but not in the opposite direction. Repeat several times. Then carry out on eyelashes from top to down. Wipe lower eyelid. If necessary use two or three cotton pads.
  4. Try before use of means for makeup removal to soften ink water. Moisten hands with warm water, apply fingers to eyelashes. Repeat it several times, after the third - begin to run fingers over eyelashes from top to down, removing part of ink. Then moisten cotton pad with means and wipe eyes. Such approach will provide the best washing off of ink from eyelashes.
  5. After removal of ink from eyelashes wash with face foam which is suitable also for removal of make-up of eyes. Thus you remove residues of ink which could leave marks on face (around eyes). Wipe face with soft towel and humidify by means of cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team