How to wash ball pen

How to wash ball pen

Spots on clothes or footwear it is always unpleasant, especially if any things "have suffered". There are categories of spots which to remove especially difficult, spots from ball pen or any other ink also belong to such "difficult".

It is required to you

  • glycerin, soapsuds, ammonia solution, soda, warm milk, lemon juice, turpentine, kerosene


1. To remove difficult spots from ball pen, it is possible to use glycerin. For this purpose fabric is retted in glycerin solution approximately for hour. If spots have not departed at once, then after soaking of spot will depart in warm soapsuds.

2. Also one of national recipes advises to use ammonia solution. The ammonia solution mixes up in baking soda in proportions: 1 tsps of alcohol on 1-2 tsps of soda on 200 ml. waters. It is necessary to wipe with this solution the soiled place.

3. If white fabric is soiled, then it is possible to try solution of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia solution: 1 tsps of mix on 200 ml. warm water. In this solution it is necessary to wet cotton pad and to put to spot, after to wash out fabric in warm water.

4. If the spot old, then helps mix of turpentine and ammonia solution (1:1), after removal of spot it is desirable to rinse product.

5. From skin it is the most difficult to remove spot from the handle, for this purpose it is necessary to rub in spot warm glycerin or glycerin with denatured alcohol. After such influences, skin becomes colourless and after that the faded place needs to be tinted.

6. The spot from velvet can be removed, having submerged the soiled place in warm milk for half an hour. Milk needs to be changed sometimes until the spot does not disappear, then to wash product in warm soapsuds.

7. From any fabrics it is possible to remove ink spot if to fill on it salts and to water with lemon juice. Then to rinse fabric several times.

8. Ink spots on silk and woolen fabrics can be wiped with the purified turpentine, then to wash with warm water.

9. If the ink spot on woolen fabric has already dried, it needs to be moistened with kerosene, after a while to rinse in pure kerosene and to stretch in clear water, then to hang out thing on wind that the kerosene smell has disappeared.

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