How to wash chandelier

How to wash chandelier

Sometimes small parts, such as butterfly on curtain, or clean window change our mood to the best. Carrying out cleaning in the house, we will seldom overcome on ceiling. However very important part of interior – chandelier – requires due consideration.

It is required to you

  • 1) Rubber gloves for protection of hands
  • 2) Rubber fingers, cellophane or packing film for foodstuff
  • Further depending on way:
  • 3) Special means for washing of crystalware
  • 4) Means for washing of ware
  • 5) Ammonia solution
  • 6) Linen towel if you wipe chandelier
  • 7) The absorbing fabric under chandelier for collecting water.


1. On chandelier droplets of fat accumulate and settles dust. Define visually extent of pollution. Further decide how you will wash chandelier: you will remove it and you will wash over the bathroom, or you will wash, without removing.

2. Way first is labor-consuming. Remove chandelier and in order that liquid did not get to cartridges, put on them rubber fingers (are on sale in pharmacy) or plastic bags, it is possible to envelop film for packing of foodstuff.

3. Way second is sports. Wash chandelier, without removing it. For this purpose surely disconnect electricity in the apartment through guard that has not hit you with current. Also unscrew bulbs and protect cartridges, as in the previous case. In order that on floor there was no water, lay something under chandelier.

4. Choose means for washing of dependence on availability of chandelier (you have removed it or not), from extent of pollution, from material of which the chandelier, and from the expected effect is made.

5. Today the easiest way to wash chandelier including crystal is use of special aerosol for washing of crystal which should not be washed away. Just apply aerosol on all chandelier and give time to it to flow down, and to chandelier - to dry. If gross contamination, it is possible to repeat the procedure once again. This way will be more expensive the others, but you will save time and forces. The way is very good if you wash chandelier, without removing.

6. Very widespread way is to wash chandelier with cleaning agent or water with addition of means for washing of ware. They can be spraid from spray. Then it is necessary to wash with clear water or also to use spray and to allow water to flow down. Sometimes after that, the chandelier is wiped to achieve bigger gloss.

7. That crystal and glass shone, use the national recipe. Wash chandelier with water with addition of ammonia solution in proportion 1 tablespoon of ammonia solution on 1 liter of water.

8. It is necessary to connect chandelier to power supply only after full drying of water and screwing of bulbs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team