How to wash cloth

How to wash cloth

Practically any festive dinner and feast does not do without the spilled wine and drops of fat on cloth. To wash some spots quite difficult, but nevertheless, perhaps. Knowing only several simple and useful tips, you will be able easily to return faultless type and former purity of festive cloth.

It is required to you

  • - Tissues,
  • - laundry detergent,
  • - salt,
  • - stain remover.


1. If during feast wine on snow-white cloth has spread, you should not panic, take several tissues and carefully blot spot. Moisten small rag in cold water and wipe the polluted site. Polozhimte several tissues under the place of the spilled wine on cloth, and as much napkins put from above. Put heavy dish in order that all moisture was absorbed. After leaving of guests wet cloth in warm water with powder addition.

2. If at the holiday table someone from guests has spilled coffee, sauce or juice, you should not clear rather plates the table to wash off cloth. It is possible to start removal of spot immediately, at the same time, without paying special attention among guests. For certain on table there is normal salt, strew it with dense layer on spot. Salt immediately will begin to absorb liquid, at the same time will reduce concentration of pollution in fabric. After a while remove already polluted salt from cloth and fill new portion. After leaving of guests it is possible to start safely its washing, in this case consequences are minimum.

3. The Christmas holiday or romantic dinner cannot almost be presented without bright and beautiful candles on table. Often happens so that wax can get on cloth and to leave greasy spot. After the table is exempted from ware and candles, clean part of wax by means of serving knife. If candles color, for certain remain spots which remarkably give in to removal with addition of stain removers. Remove the remains of pollution warm (we do not heat at all) with the iron, at the same time the cloth has to be between two paper towels.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team