How to wash frying pans from deposit

How to wash frying pans from deposit

Pig-iron grandmother's frying pans – rare charm. Yes, of course, teflon easier, more conveniently, food when cooking does not stick to them. But any teflon cannot bake such wonderful pancakes which turn out in pig-iron frying pan. Here only trouble – over time pig-iron frying pans become covered by thick layer of black hilly deposit. However, quite we resolve issue with deposit.

It is required to you

  • - big pan (boiling extraction);
  • - 2 tubes of liquid office glue;
  • - package or bottle of the calcinated (caustic) soda;
  • - bar of laundry soap;
  • - grater;
  • - personal protection equipment (rubber gloves, kerchief or hat, respirator or gauze bandage on the person).


1. Such megacleaning of ware it is possible to carry out approximately once a year. For example, before Easter. By means of this method it is possible to remove not only deposit from frying pans, but also unpleasant raid from the enameled ware. Put the boiling extraction half filled with water on fire. It is the best of all to put pan on plate, then to fill it with water and after that to include fire.

2. While water is heated, prepare all components (glue, soda), grate soap. Surely put on apron, rubber gloves, protect hair hat for shower, and breath – gauze bandage or respirator.

3. When water in pan begins to begin to boil, add to it soap shaving, glue and caustic soda. Mix that all components were dissolved.

4. Now it is possible to put ware. Without switching off fire, put on boiling extraction bottom with the cleaning mix pig-iron frying pans, the enameled covers and pans. Leave them to boil in solution for one or one and a half hours. For the period of process open in kitchen of window, include extract and close door to living rooms.

5. Through an hour and a half switch off fire and begin to get ware from boiled water. It is very important to take it from solution, that still hot so far. You will see that the enameled ware became freshen also clean as new, and the deposit has descended from old frying pans black flakes.

6. When ware slightly cools down, carefully wash up it with cleaning agent, and then rinse. If somewhere in frying pans there was deposit – surely clean it by means of metal brush. Everything, your ware now as new.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team