How to wash glue ""Moment"

How to wash glue ""Moment"

Glue "Moment" reliably sticks together any kinds of products, ceramic, glass, plastic, leather, can be used in any combinations at the combined pasting of tree and leather or glass and plastic, etc. It is appreciated simplicity, speed and reliability in use. If to carry out works inaccurately, then from glue there can be spots which do not wash off in the normal way with use of synthetic cleaning agents therefore before washing the spot needs to be processed.

  • - chemical cleaner;
  • - gasoline;
  • - solvent;
  • - acetone;
  • - liquid for varnish removal;
  • - tampon;
  • - brush;
  • - sponge.

1. For removal of glue it is possible to use several means. All of them are directed to softening of spot for further mechanical otskablivaniye. The most popular medicine for removal of glue the moment is chemical cleaner under trade name "Contact". It is even on sale in supermarkets on one shelf with glue and is intended for direct removal of the moment from fabric, furniture and other products on which glue has got. For removal of spot by means of cleaner attentively study the instruction, apply cleaner on spot, wait the specified time, clean off glue by means of brush or sponge, wash product in the normal way. If from the first it was not succeeded to get rid completely of spot, repeat the procedure.

2. If you have no cleaner, then can use gasoline. Apply gasoline on spot with glue, wait 15 minutes, again moisten disk with gasoline and wipe spot. Clean off glue by means of rigid brush or sponge and wash product in the normal way.

3. It is also possible to use solvent, acetone, liquid for varnish removal. Any their the specified means apply on spot with glue by means of disk or tampon, give time I glue to be softened within 15-20 minutes, again wipe spot with the tampon, the wetted in any means, clean off glue by means of rigid sponge, wash product.

4. During removal of glue from upholstered furniture after putting cleaner, gasoline, solvent, acetone or liquid for removal of varnish clean furniture by means of means for cleaning of carpets.

5. When using any above-stated means do not forget that not on each type of fabric it is possible to use aggressive means. For example, by means of these means it is impossible to purify natural silk, wool, acetate fabrics, velvet. Therefore before use of cleaners, apply small drop on the imperceptible place and look at result. In this regard Moment glue can be cleaned off not from all types of products, it is in certain cases better to buy applique and to stick spot, than to spoil thing.

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