How to wash gouache

How to wash gouache

Periodically all should fight against different types of spots on furniture, clothes, etc. If in the house there are children, then it is frequent spots from paint. Happens that children when to them bothers to draw on paper, continue to create the arts on linoleum, walls and carpets.


1. Gouache - the glue water-soluble color which is widely applied in art creativity by adults and children. Pigments, binding water-glue substances and whitewash are its part. Gouache, unlike oil paint, can be removed with normal water, but cool. Wash out spot under stream of cold water. If it is required, wet thing for some time, it is possible to add laundry detergent or laundry soap, and then to wash. It is natural what the earlier to dull to cleaning, the it is simpler to remove completely paint until it has dried yet and was absorbed in product. If you try to wash gouache in hot water moreover with bleach, the effect can be unexpected because of chemical reaction.

2. If gouache has appeared on carpet, it is possible it is possible to try to use foam from laundry detergent though then can be difficult to remove it. Therefore other option is to substitute under water jet only the soiled part of carpet. This method approaches if the carpet is intended for washing and if it dark or colorful - on light carpet there can be stains, and then it is already necessary to clean it entirely.

3. Recently gouache meets a little modernized structure because of what to wash it becomes the real problem. It concerns even finger-type gouache which is bought for children. Anyway, it is worth washing paint from hands, etc. at once upon termination of drawing, without waiting until it dries. Some parents allow children to draw in the bathroom not to soil furniture in the apartment. It is possible to wash gouache from bathtub by means of soda and other cleansers, though not always from the first. It also depends on what age of bathtub - if it old, then paints and pollution eat stronger.

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