How to wash marker

How to wash marker

Markers have taken strong position in use. They are easily put, long keep and are intended for marking or drawing inscriptions on any surfaces. Markers can have structure on spirit, water, paint and varnish, oily and cretaceous base. Cases when they when using spot get on clothes or on fabric, especially are frequent if the marker falls into hands of children. It is possible to remove pollution by means of different means.

It is required to you

  • - cotton pad or sponge;
  • - alcohol;
  • - vodka;
  • - cologne;
  • - solvent;
  • - white spirit;
  • - stain remover for greasy spots;
  • - gasoline;
  • - liquid for varnish removal;
  • - acetone;
  • - means for washing of ware;
  • - sunflower oil.


1. To wash marker on spirit basis, apply medical alcohol on cotton pad, wipe pollution and at once wash product in washing to the machine. Instead of alcohol it is possible to use vodka, cologne or other make-shifts on spirit basis.

2. For removal of marker on water or cretaceous basis apply on spot any means for washing of ware. Rub in fabric, leave for 24 hours. Wash product in the normal way. The water and cretaceous basis of marker is the lightest structure which without effort is removed.

3. More difficultly the situation is with removal of marker from fabric which has paint and varnish basis. The spot can be processed solvent, white spirit, acetone, liquid for varnish removal, gasoline. For use of these means take cotton pad, moisten it with one of the specified medicines, apply on spot, wait 20 minutes, again moisten disk and carefully wipe spot from marker. Wash product. From the first the marker can be removed not completely therefore if necessary the procedure should be repeated.

4. Not on all fabrics it is possible to use aggressive solvents. Not to spoil product, check action of means on spare piece of fabric which is sewn from the inside together with additional button. If fabric has lost color or was burned, then it is impossible to use the specified medicines. In this case the thing is hopelessly spoiled, and it is possible to correct situation by means of applique, bow or other improvised cunnings.

5. For removal of marker on fat basis moisten disk with normal sunflower oil, rub pollution, leave for 2-3 hours, wash. Also the marker can be removed by means of any degreasing means, for example, of the washing gel for ware, alcohol, by means of stain remover for greasy spots. Put any of these means, leave at several o'clock for dissolution of fat structure, then wash in the normal way.

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