How to wash mirror

How to wash mirror

If the surface of the old, but fallen in love to you mirror has grown dull and has lost former appeal, do not hurry to be upset with this usual part of interior and to spend money for new product. Sometimes to wash mirror happens quite simply, in some cases it is necessary to spend many efforts. However if you show patience, the thing will begin to shine again as new. Further do not forget to look after regularly smooth surface, then the product will serve to you still very long.

It is required to you

  • - Dry rags from cotton;
  • - sponge;
  • - means for cleaning of mirrors;
  • - half of crude bulb;
  • - blue;
  • - water;
  • - white chalk;
  • - vinegar;
  • - burned magnesia;
  • - newspapers;
  • - ammonia solution;
  • - cow's milk.


1. Wipe dust and other mechanical pollution from glass surface with clean dry rag from cotton cloth. Only after that it is recommended to start damp cleaning of mirror.

2. Use special cleansers for glass (including mirror) surfaces. Act according to the instruction. Normally it is sprays or liquids which apply with sponge on the polluted surface. After processing of mirror by the cleaning structure give it a high polish the clean rag which is not leaving fibers or just newspapers. Specialized liquids, as a rule, perfectly cope with many difficult pollution, including with traces of flies on mirrors.

3. It is possible to use also various helpers means which have proved at experienced housewives long ago. For example, half of crude bulb are safely wiped zasizhenny by flies of the place. After processing of the soiled places onions some hostesses once again wipe product with water with blue and only after this procedure begin to wipe the cleaned mirror dry.

4. If the surface of mirror became dim, then it can be cleaned and polished by means of ammonia solution and water (1:1). It is possible to enter also burned magnesia into this structure, watching that all components have been taken in equal parts. Impregnate with the received self-made cleanser new foam sponge and properly wipe with it dirty mirror. Then polish glass surface with the crumpled newspaper sheets.

5. Surprising results are yielded by cleaning of the grown dull mirror normal cow's milk. After wiping by the soft cotton rags, the wetted in this useful drink, and post-polishing the updated smooth surface differs in special gloss.

6. Well normal school chalk of white color copes with pollution on mirror. It needs to be pounded, filled tablespoon and to part received amounts of powder in glass of water. Then it is good to add still vinegar spoon. However during the work with acid act carefully – it can damage silver alloy (amalgam) on inner side of product or baguette wood. It is necessary to process mirror the received solution only after there is reaction of the mixed elements. Do not forget to stir mix carefully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team