How to wash mold

How to wash mold

Sometimes we come up against situation when on things, long time stored in inadequate conditions, spots from mold are formed. In most cases it is possible to remove such spots, but knowledge of certain techniques and some cunnings for this purpose will be required. Removal of spots from mold generally depends on type of the material which was affected by dampness.

It is required to you

  • Soap, powder "News", hydrogen peroxide, ammonia solution, turpentine, dry chalk, dry clay, onions, curdled milk serum, blotting paper, iron


1. You remove mold on white woolen, linen and cotton fabrics which can be erased soap or the powder "News". After washing bleach product hydrogen peroxide at the rate of 1 tablespoon on 1 l of water. Also the ammonia solution will approach (teaspoon on glass of water).

2. One more way to get rid of mold spots on cotton fabric – to cover spot with thin layer of the crushed dry chalk. From above put blotting paper and several times carry out in the location of spot by the warm iron.

3. On the silk and woolen fabrics which are not subject to washing remove spots from mold by means of turpentine. In the beginning clean spot with turpentine, then cover with thin layer of dry clay. Again the iron comes to the rescue - iron it fabric through blotting paper. If fabric white, moisten spot with hydrogen peroxide then stretch product and rinse it in warm water.

4. Process the color and painted fabrics touched by mold ammonia solution. Before moistening with ammonia solution spot, try on separate piece or in the imperceptible place from inner side to make sure that alcohol does not change coloring of this fabric.

5. The easiest to remove fresh spots from mold. For this purpose wipe spot several times with juice of onions or serum of curdled milk. After processing wash product in hot water.

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