How to wash pants

How to wash pants

Washing of underwear – not such simple process as can seem at first sight. Of course, it is possible just to throw all collected dirty linen in the machine and to wash, without observing at the same time the necessary temperature condition. But then you risk to receive the spoiled rag instead of favourite beautiful linen.


1. It is possible to wash underwear in two ways: hand wash and washing in the washing machine. It is necessary to choose washing method, proceeding from information which is usually specified on the labels attached to linen. Some producers recommend exclusively hand wash, others provide both options of washing.

2. So, if you choose machine wash, then surely wash pants separately from other linen as that is demanded by rules of hygiene. Also wash white and color clothes separately to avoid coloring.

3. If powder does not cope with spots, then previously rub spots stain remover and leave for some time in order that means could get into spots completely.

4. Further erase in the machine at the necessary mode (temperature of safe washing is also usually specified on linen label). If necessary use stain remover repeatedly, try to rub spots by means of special brush for washing.

5. If you wash clothes manually, then also pay attention to water temperature for washing. You dissolve powder in water before full dissolution, otherwise granules of powder can leave spots on linen. After washing carefully rinse linen in cold water, change water when rinsing several times, soapsuds will not disappear yet.

6. If on linen there were hardly removed spots with which stain remover does not cope, try to boil linen with Per-salt addition, you remember that it is possible to boil only purely white pants and only if that the composition of fabric allows.

7. Wash children's underwear by means of special children's laundry detergents. They help to reduce risk of developing of allergy on gentle children's skin because do not incorporate fragrances.

8. After any way of washing use fabric softener - he will make linen soft, gentle to the touch, will give it light pleasant aroma.

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