How to wash paste from the handle

How to wash paste from the handle

The handle which is at the right time in pocket of jacket or bag can render the irreplaceable help. It is possible to sign with this writing means easily documents, to write down important information or just to brighten up expectation by guessing of crossword puzzles or puzzles. But, despite all advantage of the handle, it can become the reason of emergence of spots on clothes. Normal cleaning agents will not be suitable for removal of traces from the handle: such pollution need to be washed by means of special substances.

It is required to you

  • - soda,
  • - ammonia solution,
  • - glass,
  • - lemon juice,
  • - gasoline,
  • - laundry soap,
  • - cotton pads,
  • - white rag.


1. If you have soiled fabric ball pen, take one of the following means: mix of glass of ammonia solution and teaspoon of baking soda, lemon juice, acetone or ethyl alcohol. For removal of spot from the handle from leather products make warm milk.

2. Then clean off thing from dust and drip the funds for its imperceptible part which are a little chosen by you: on seam or spare piece of material which is sewn sometimes from inner side. Make sure that the clothes in places of influence of structure have not lost coloring.

3. For removal of spot from fabric turn clothes inside out. To get rid of handle traces on other types of materials, you carry out all actions on face side.

4. Enclose white rag under spot. Then impregnate cotton pad with the chosen structure and process fabric, moving from the fabric surrounding spot to the center of pollution. Such equipment will not allow spot to blur.

5. After removal of spot carefully wash clothes from the used substance and rinse, and wipe leather things with the cotton pad, the wetted in water.

6. For removal of spots from the handle from clothes from wool or silk prepare petrol soap. For this purpose at first grate half of bar of laundry soap. Then pour 500 ml of water in pan and boil it.

7. Then reduce fire and, continuously stirring slowly, pour polished soap into water. Stir the turned-out solution until soap completely is not dissolved.

8. If in the course of disappearance of soap pieces any amount of liquid has evaporated, then add necessary amount of water for completion of former volume. Switch off fire and remove pan from plate, continuing to stir slowly with liquid soap.

9. After the prepared means cools down a little, pour in it on glass of gasoline and warm water. To remove traces of the writing paste, wash woolen or silk thing in the concentrated solution of the received petrol soap.

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