How to water aloe

How to water aloe

It is difficult to find the apartment in which there would be no pot with aloe. This very durable plant, it easily breeds, grows in shadow and in the sun, and about its medicinal properties not one dozen books is written. But whatever unpretentious the aloe seemed, it all the same requires specific care. In particular, the wrong watering is capable to ruin plant on root.


1. You should not hope for endurance of aloe, he will endure many adversities, from wintering in the cold crude basement before exposure it on the hottest blaze of the sun. However your purpose not to temper plant, and to create it the most comfortable conditions. Therefore put it on well lit place and do not move without need, special on that. The most normal draft is capable to ruin the green big guy therefore protect it from the penetrating air streams.

2. For watering use normal tap water, but let it previously stand 3-4 days that molecules of the chloric connections applied to disinfection of potable water have disappeared from it.

3. To aloe it is capable to do sufficient reserves of moisture in the leaves therefore the incomplete filling is not so dangerous to it as modulation. Water the earth in pot with plant of 1 times in 3-4 days in the summer, watching its top layer. As soon as he begins to die, humidify the soil. But never fill in plant, otherwise stagnant water will cause mold growth on root system, dying off of roots.

4. Continue to adhere to the same principles when watering in the fall, as in the summer. With the onset of cold weather increase intervals. To arrival of winter reduce watering to 2-3 times a month, and even stop it. The aloe in winter months is at rest, there is no need to disturb it once again.

5. With approach of spring water well aloe with very warm water to give to plant the sign that it is time to wake up. Continue to water it further in the summer mode

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