How to water orchid

How to water orchid

The majority of types of orchid grows in tropic latitudes. Probably, this fact has created at us stereotype that it is necessary to water plants in house conditions as often as possible. And, as a result, the wrong watering leads these delusions to the fact that orchids quickly perish.

It is required to you

  • The filter for water, watering can, basin


1. It is important to know not only that, how to water orchids, but also what to water them with. Normal water from under the crane is not suitable for this purpose. Water in apartments, as a rule, rigid – such is just contraindicated to orchids. Besides, normal there has to be also acidity – at the level of pH - 6.

2. To receive water, suitable for watering, it is possible to fill with it big vessel and to leave to be defended several days. When on bottom the deposit drops out, water needs to be poured thin stream in other capacity. That the deposit has not got to purified water, the last several centimeters need to be poured.

3. The filter for water will best of all cope with problem of mitigation and cleaning from harmful impurity.

4. Too soft water is also undesirable to orchids. If you have bought the distilled water, mix it in half from normal defended.

5. Also water temperature matters. It has to be warm, around 30-45 degrees.

6. Each of types of orchid needs specific mode of watering. But there is the general for all the rule: to water flower only when the soil is almost dry. To check it, lower to the earth wooden stick by 3-4 centimeters. If it dry, is time to water orchid.

7. Water plant evenly on all surface of substrate that in the soil funnels from water jet were not formed. You watch that liquid has not got into bosoms of leaves.

8. It is possible to carry out water procedures in basin. Having filled it with water, lower pot with flower there and leave for 2 minutes. After that pour out water and let's flower stand that the pot left surplus of liquid.

9. A month the bathing under "shower" is useful to arrange one-two times to orchid. Put flower in bathtub and water it from watering can with very small openings. After that leave it for 15 minutes, and then accurately remove with tissue residues of moisture from leaves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team