How to water orchids

How to water orchids

The wrong watering – the most widespread mistake of the amateur flower growers who are engaged in cultivation and cultivation of orchids. Frequent oversight – too abundant and frequent watering. Whimsical flowers do not maintain such mode and perish. It is quite simple not to make mistakes, for this purpose it is necessary to remember rules of watering of orchids.


1. Water orchid only when soil in which it grows dries out completely. That is why it is impossible to declare unambiguously "To water orchid once a week". The speed of drying of soil depends on many factors (composition of substrate, the pot size, lighting, air humidity, etc.). Watering when only the top layer of soil has dried will be wrong. Manage to adapt and define for certain drying-out of soil in pot with orchid. It can be weighing of pot, check by means of dry long twig, etc.

2. Water orchid in pot until water does not begin to pour out through drainage holes in pot bottom (in pot the good drainage from haydite, pieces of bark, polyfoam or small stones also has to be arranged). Remove excess water from pallet, otherwise it can cause rotting of backs of flower.

3. For watering of orchid use exclusively warm water (30-38 °C).

4. As the orchid is very sensitive to salts which contain in tap water, water flower only with soft water. That is miss the water running from cranes via the filter. Or even when landing orchid in pot add more peat to substrate (it has to make about 20% of all volume of substrate). The orchids growing in such soil not bad process hard water. There is one more reception: take in equal proportions tap water and distilled, mix and – water. And still the best exit – the filter. Ideal for orchids, flower growers are sure, rain water is. It is only important to gather it in the eco-friendly area.

5. Water orchids or in the morning, or in the evening. In the afternoon it absorbs moisture a little, and does not absorb at all at night.

6. Watering of orchid by immersion method. Take basin or bucket with warm water (30-35 °C, not above) and lower pot with flower there. Leave for 20-30 minutes. Get and give to flow down to water.

7. Flower growers consider the most effective way of watering so-called "hot shower". This method absolutely imitates tropical rains, i.e. environment of the area of growth of orchids. Practice shows that "the hot shower" provides good building of green material both more abundant and frequent blossoming. Besides, this method – quite good prevention against wreckers. In house conditions it is the best of all to do "hot shower" to orchids in the bathroom. The recommended water temperature of 45-50 °C, force of stream should not be very intensive in order to avoid fiasco of gentle young sprouts and peduncles. After shower provide to plant rest. Approximately in hour accurately rub off all leaves and sprouts (get wet) with soft napkin, do not leave water in bosoms between leaves. Pay attention to that residues of water did not stand in core of grades of Vanda and Phalaenopsis since they have only one point of growth and if it begins to decay from stagnant water, the plant will not develop and will soon die.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team